How to Create a Best Personal Blog on The Instagram 2022

How to Create a Best Personal Blog on The Instagram 2022

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Looking for how to create a personal blog on Instagram? You’ve come to the right page, because on this occasion I will discuss personal blogs and share how to write personal blo posts on IG.

Before going to the steps for creating an instagram blog personal, let’s find out more about personal blogs on Instagram.

What is a Personal Blog on Instagram

I mean Personal Blog on Instagram is an ordinary Instagram account that is turned into a professional account. The choice is a creator or a business, then given a special category such as the name of a personal blog.

The professional account category is not just personal blogs, there are many. Several categories are available such as digital creators, music videos, gamers, entertainment, community service, brands, products, communities and many more.

The Instagram blog personal status is written in gray in the Instagram account profile bio, its position is visible below the profile photo.

Personal blo Instagram accounts usually contain content that focuses on discussing one topic. That’s why people also call it a microblog, because the content is short and focuses on the core discussion.

The format of the content displayed can be in the form of text, images, video and audio. This short content trend is indeed very interesting and easily accepted by internet users.

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How to Create a Personal Blog on Instagram

To make personal blog posts on ig, users must change their Instagram profile to a professional account profile. There are several ways that you can do, namely linking your ig account to Facebook, via telephone and computer.

The easiest way to add a personal blog on ig is that users simply link their Instagram account to a facebook page (not a facebook account), then change to a business account.

Immediately, for more details, you can follow the steps on how to create a personal blog on Instagram below:

  1. Open the Instagram application on the cellphone.
  2. Login using the Instagram account that you want to add a personal blog post to.
  3. Go to your Instagram account profile then go to Settings .
  4. Select the Account option .
  5. Then hit Switch to Professional Account .
  6. Will get a Professional Account, then Continue .
  7. Please search in the search field and select the Personal Blog category .
  8. If you have, press the Done button .
  9. Next, fill in the Public Business Information such as email address, cellphone number and business address.
  10. To complete an Instagram business profile, you need to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page . If you want to skip it, you can, but it’s best to be connected so that you can use the advertising promotion and shopping features.
  11. Until this stage is complete, personal blog posts have appeared on your Instagram profile.

How to Delete Personal Blog on Instagram

As I explained above, to create a personal blog post on IG, you may have to switch to a professional account again. Likewise, vice versa, if you want to delete personal blog posts on Instagram, you have to switch to a personal Instagram account again.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app, login with your account.
  2. Enter your profile menu by tapping your avatar in the lower right corner.
  3. Next, tap the three lines in the upper right corner, then tap settings.
  4. Then tap account.
  5. Then tap Switch to Personal Account.
  6. Tap Switch to Personal Account.
  7. Done.

Example of an Instagram Personal Blog with Microblog Content

kuyproductive is a professional account with the category of Digital Creator. Focus on discussing productive tips in living people’s lives and work.

You can see in terms of appearance it doesn’t look much different, but if you look at it in more detail, you will definitely find a little difference.

Advantages of Using an Instagram Professional Account

1 . More complete data . First, users can get more complete insights or statistics on Instagram accounts. The data presented is the visitor data of your Instagram account. Some of the data shown such as account reach, content engagement, audience, and active promotions.

2 . Business accounts can be promoted . This is a very important feature to help promote the content you have created on Instagram. In the business account profile section, a Promotion menu will be available, just press the Promotion button to advertise your Instagram content or profile.

3 . Get more features . Instagram business account users will get additional features such as contact and address information under the Instagram profile bio.

4 . Given a wider range . Business Instagram accounts get the advantage of a wider reach to market content or products. This is also the reason that a business account cannot be set to move privacy, because the goal is to get more visitors.

Yes, in terms of shortcomings, maybe our account can’t be set to privacy anymore. If you are ready with these rules, you can immediately switch to a professional account by following the tutorial on how to make an ig account into a personal blog that I explained above.

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The Final Word

That’s an article about Instagram professional accounts and a tutorial on how to create a personal blog on Instagram from a cellphone. Just changing a few settings, you can already write a personal blog post on your Instagram profile.

Hope this article helps! Don’t forget to share this article on your social media accounts if you think other people need to know about personal blogs on ig.

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