3 Best Apps Microsoft Office Replacement on Android Phones

3 Best Apps Microsoft Office Replacement on Android Phones

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3 Microsoft Office Apps Replacement on Android phones – List of Microsoft Office Substitute Application Downloads For Android Phones – Utilizing an android phone for work or school assignments is very beneficial for you and also helps you to change documents like school children that can be used to make presentations via an android phone.

We will help you with a little information that can be used as a reference for a list of applications similar to microsoft office which can be used on Android phones, this Microsoft Office replacement application really helps you in various needs for correspondence such as creating documents in Microsoft Word, presenting in Microsoft PowerPoint, creating tables in Microsoft Excel, creating databases and so on through your Android phone.

Because the Android version of Microsoft Office itself requires a fairly large space so that it takes up your cellphone memory so there are similar applications that can open documents such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word,microsoft power point and also includes pdf. With this application, it can help you in completing school or college assignments, more importantly applications such as Microsoft Office you can download for free for your Android phone via Google Playstore.

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Just like Microsoft Power Point, WPS Presentation is a presentation maker application on a laptop or PC. In terms of usage, WPS Presentation has similarities with Microsoft Power Point which will make it easier for users to create a presentation.

We will reference Microsoft Office replacement applications based on the best quality with advanced features and easy-to-use navigation, besides that it is also very light in terms of memory capacity used, you can use it to make a job application letter on an Android phone, this application can also help school workers , college or your office. What are the lists of Microsoft Office replacement applications on PCs that can be used on your Android phone.

3 Apps Microsoft Office Replacement on Android Phones

1. Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office is almost like Microsoft Office which can also be used on your PC/computer/laptop running on the Windows 7 operating system, after doing some development Kingsoft Office provides an Android version, now for those of you who are looking for application references such as Microsoft Office, you can make this application to make job applications or create presentation documents such as powerpoint and so on.

2. WPS Office

WPS Office

One of the document applications that is quite popular and WPS Office best option to be used to input simple data on your Android phone, this application simply replaces the position of Microsoft Office on your Android phone, WPS itself is short for Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet. With a simple appearance makes it easier for you to use it to support your work.

3. Office Suite

Office Suite

Office Suite has an attractive appearance with a dominant black background with easy navigation, you can quickly become proficient in using this application to make various needs that deal with document files, there are 4 document format options that you can use to support your schoolwork such as pdf , presentation (replacement for powerpoint), document (replacement for microsoft word), spreadsheet (replacement for microsoft excel), presentation (replacement for microsoft power point). All you can do in this application.

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The Final Word

Thus the various lists of Microsoft Office replacement applications on Android phones that you can use to create various documents such as making job applications, making school/college assignments, inputting your work data in the office, this application can be used offline without an internet connection. Hopefully with applications like Microsoft Office on this Android phone it can help your work

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