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Ease of Telegram’s Latest Features Telegram in 2022

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Ease of Telegram’s Latest Features Telegram in 2022 – The development of the world in this digital era has brought about real changes in life. For example, with the existence of technology, people become more understanding and easier to interact with their fellow communities. This is so beneficial to the community, as well as sending messages at this time no longer waiting for news for weeks, months or even years.

Because, in this era of digital development, society has become easier with the presence of telegram. Many do not really know what a telegram is and what is its function for? Telegram is a type of conversational application model that was just released in 2013. The main function of this telegram is the same as other conversation applications in general, which is to be connectivity.

Because this application later became more famous and more widely used, Telegram also modifies and often changes updates to this application. While this year, Telegram has the latest features that you can use, of course.

Want to know what are the latest features of Telegram this year? see the following review!


It is undeniable that this Telegram messaging/ chat application is already busy being used by internet users. With different features that surpass it from other chat applications , Telegram has re-published features that can make life easier in utilizing and using technology and the internet. Want to experience a new world different from using Telegram this year? Check out the following new additional features!

  • Features Telegram Message Storage

For those of you who often use groups or the like on Telegram, it will certainly be difficult to find messages or look for other forms of messages in the group. The good news is that in 2022 , Telegram’s Newest feature is the message storage feature.

This message storage aims to store messages that are shared in groups and are stored specifically in this one feature. Another benefit of this feature is being able to separate important and unimportant messages in group messages or regular messages on your Telegram so that you are no longer bothered or overwhelmed, of course.

This feature is very useful, especially for those of you who want to reread old messages or are lazy to copy them into notes or notes application. You can see messages that you have received one day ago, one week ago, one month ago and even one year ago

  • Features Telegram Secret Chat

The Latest Feature Telegram of this second Telegram is also one of the additions from the telegram application developer, namely secret conversations. This is usually done by someone who wants the conversation to be private. The privacy of this conversation is of course recorded in this additional feature so that when someone else opens a telegram account you will not be able to read or know other chats.

The reason is, this conversation is protected by an encryption code created in the encryption feature of the secret conversation feature. So, if there is an incoming message, the user will not know before activating the encryption feature on the folder or feature.

Like the Google Chrome browser which has an incognito mode if you don’t want your search history to be seen by others, Telegram also has a secret message feature. You can use it if you are discussing confidential or highly confidential business.

  • Features Telegram Hide Visibility or Last Seen

This one feature is no less competitive with the latest WhatsApp features, because it uses the same feature, which is to hide its visibility. However, hiding visibility on this telegram account is more of a form of privacy so that no one can see or know the shape of your account.

How not, this additional feature in Telegram is able to eliminate your traces so that it cannot be known by everyone who uses Telegram. You can find this feature in the Telegram account settings, where you can see the Last Seen & Online feature so that your contacts won’t know how active you are and when you’re active on the account.

Most people use this feature to stalk someone or to avoid being disturbed by people who message him. This feature is very useful for you if you don’t want to be texted too often. Because then someone will think if you haven’t been online in a long time.

  • Features Telegram 2-Step Verification

The newest feature Telegram is one of the features that protect and maintain the confidentiality of your data. This feature is one of the features telegram that control and can be opened by the user of the Telegram account.

This feature is very popular if you have a Google account. This feature can protect or protect your Telegram account from threatening dangers such as the presence of a hacker or the entry of a virus into your account which will eventually make your account automatically share things you never knew. This feature can more strictly maintain the security of your Telegram account and prevent you from cyber harm

Telegram ‘s Newest Features Telegram are what Make this Features Telegram account grow further and have more users around the world. To be able to use these latest features, you can update or update your Telegram application so that you don’t miss out on the benefits of using the latest features of this Telegram application.

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