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How To Play Zepeto Game For Beginners (Complete) Best 2022

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Ever heard of the Zepeto game? Some time ago the Zepeto game had attracted the attention of smartphone users, what really made this 3D character game application grab the attention? Not even a few are then curious about how to play Zepeto.

What is Zepeto Game?

Zepeto is a 3D character game that was booming some time ago because of the uniqueness it presents, Zepetto can also be called a social networking application where users can create digital avatars and then make friends with each other.

This application is made by Snow Corporation which is a developer from Seongnam South Korea, Snow Corporation itself is part of a subsidiary of Naver Corporation, those of you who have never tried Zepeto may be able to download it via the Google Play Store or App Store.

How To Play Zepeto Game For Beginners (Complete) Best 2022 1

Attractive Features of the Zepeto App

After downloading and installing the zepetto apk you have to create an account by registering via email or connecting to FB, after it is successfully installed then you need to take a selfie, why take a selfie?

Because the selfie photo will be used as an AVA character in the Zepetto account, don’t worry even if you don’t use make up but the avatar from Zepetto is still good, you can edit the hairstyle; hair color; face shape to moles on the face, interesting is not it?

Not only that, Zepetto can also upgrade your appearance from clothes to shoes, you will even be given pocket money to be able to shop at the market, so even though it’s just a game, you can still feel the excitement of beautifying yourself like in the real world.

Another fun thing that also needs to be tried from this zepetto character game application is that you can make your own face emoji, in the profile column there will be an emoji menu that you can choose from, if you don’t want to make an emoji there are other emoji available.

Moreover, the emoji that you make can be used as stickers on Whatsapp, it never hurts to try and find info on how to play Zepeto.

How to Play Zepeto Game for Beginners

Here’s a guide on how to play the Zepeto game:

  1. Open the Zepetto game application.
  2. Create an account and log in with your Zepetto account.
  3. Choose and create attractive 3D avatars.
  4. Start finding friends in the game.
  5. Explore the virtual world of Zepetto.
  6. Complete all available missions.

Please read the full explanation down to the end!

When using the Zepeto application you will find 4 main menus in the form of Play; Profiles; Discover and Message, if you want to know which friends are also playing Zepetto, it’s quite easy by selecting the Discover menu.

Likewise, for those who want to know how to play the Zepetto game, it is quite easy, later you will get Zepetto Town Square which can be used to make friends with other players virtually, you can even take pictures with friends only through this one feature.

In the Play menu you can use it to take photos alone or with friends using their respective avatars, it seems very fun to see photos with different avatars.

Besides photos, you can enjoy the Message feature which has a function to exchange messages with friends on Zepetto, can this feature only be used if you are already friends? Not really because you can still exchange messages even though you’re not friends.

How? It’s quite interesting to play character games in your spare time, you can continue to explore other fun things from avatar display to making as many friends as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to have fun playing Zepetto, who knows by making lots of virtual friends you will get new friendship links that match your hobbies.

Complete Room Missions in Zepeto Game

In Hello World Zepeto there are 4 missions that must be completed so that you can get the prize. Here is a grid or leak to complete the 4 missions of the room.

Mission Room 1 Zepeto Game

  • Check the location of the bookshelf by climbing the stairs
  • Check under the table by pressing Logo
  • follow Avatar

Mission Room 2 Zepeto Game

  • Use poses or styles on Zepeto characters
  • Hold the cardboard items that are located between the red cardboard shelves
  • Take the newest photo Avatar

Mission Room 3 Zepeto Game

  • Use the firecracker item whose location is in the Logo menu
  • Wear clothes that stick to the statue
  • Then chat with other avatars
  • Edit and customize your introduction in Profile

Mission Room 4 Zepeto Game

  • Go back to room number 1 and take a photo with friends
  • The final word
  • How to play Zepeto on a laptop or on an Android phone is equally fun to play, just choose what you like. Complete the available room missions, follow the leaks that I have given above.

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