Hosting Server For Various Websites, Tips For Choose!

Hosting Server For Various Websites, 5 Tips For Choose!

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Tips for Choosing a Hosting Server Will Help You Determine Which Hosting is Right for Storing Website Data.

Choosing one of the many options will certainly take a lot of time.

By understanding the criteria in this article, you can sort and determine the appropriate hosting server as a place for hosting website and visitor data.

But before discussing what are the tips for choosing a hosting server, first understand what is worth considering when choosing a server.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hosting Server

Choosing the right hosting should understand what you need. You can start by determining a few things below:

1. Website Type

Determining the type of website can help you choose the right hosting server.

If you are a small to medium sized business or individual website such as a blog or portfolio, you might be able to choose Cloud VPS hosting.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money and the capacity is considered sufficient for small to medium-sized businesses.

As for business actors who are already large-scale or enterprise-class, they can choose a dedicated server.

You use one server for your own website without having to share it with others so it is sufficient to accommodate all website data and visitors.

2. Platform Used

Are you going to build a clean website from scratch and have to use coding skills?

Or, do you prefer to use well-known website builders/CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others?

Determining this is important related to the features and also the capacity that will be provided by the hosting server service you choose.

3. Target Visitors

Knowing your target audience or market is no less important in making choices about using the right server service.

If you are targeting an international market in a certain place or country, make sure the servers are close to the target visitors.

However, if your target visitor or market is in Indonesia, then choose an Indonesian VPS which is located in the same location as the visitors.

This is related to the loading speed, later.

4. Website Content

Make sure your website content matches the hosting server capacity. If your website only contains profiles and blogs, a Cloud VPS may be sufficient.

However, if you want to make a website that is rich in visual elements and other heavy media, a dedicated server is the right choice.

After understanding what you should consider in choosing the right hosting server service, it’s time to find out tips on choosing a hosting server.

Hosting Server For Various Websites, Tips For Choose!

Tips for Choosing the Right Hosting Server

Tips for choosing a hosting server this time will be discussed comprehensively. This is important because with the right choice, you can save a lot of money.

Here are the tips.

1. Price Hosting Server

Choose a hosting server service that has a price that matches the server features. Don’t let the bag break but the facilities are not comparable.

Also, the low price does not mean the facilities offered will not be comparable. Therefore, do some price research before choosing a service.

2. Find out the Server Location

Previously it was mentioned about the target visitor or target market of your website.

The location of the server determines the speed of sending data to the client side.

With the server close to the visitor, there is a lot of time that can be cut to transfer data to the client.

3. Features and Capacity Provided Hosting Server

These features include the number of inodes offered, bandwidth, CPU, RAM and more.

These features will have to be in accordance with your needs, the more you need, the greater the capacity required.

Therefore, pay attention and compare the features offered by each provider.

4. Server Uptime

Server uptime is the most crucial thing in determining the choice of server services to get your website online.

Choose a server whose uptime is above 98%. This will affect whether your website is online or not.

The more downtime you have, the more likely you are to lose traffic. Surely you don’t want this to happen, do you?

5. Pay Attention Hosting Server to The Warranty and Customer Support

These two things are things that should not be missed. A good provider is a provider who is responsible for customer satisfaction.

This can be demonstrated by the availability of guarantees and customer service that is always there.

These two things are there so you don’t lose and also get help when problems occur.

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The Following is a brief discussion of tips on choosing a hosting server for various websites.

Things that must be considered are the type of website, the platform used, the target visitors and also the content of the website that will be created.

Meanwhile, to choose the best, you have to consider price, server location, features & capacity, server uptime, as well as warranty and customer service.

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