iPhone iBox / TAM, Inter, and Distributor Diferrence

iPhone iBox / TAM, Inter, and Distributor Difference Best 2022

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Hello iPhone friends, this time I will share information about the differences between iPhone iBox, Inter and Distributor. It turns out that a lot of people are asking about the difference between iBox and Inter.

The additional information includes the Official iPhone iBox or TAM, iPhone with Inter warranty, and finally iPhone Distributor.

Actually, what is the difference between these three things? Does it also affect the quality of the Phone that we buy?

Before going into the main discussion that will answer these questions, there is some basic information that you must know first.

There is also not only one way to bring it, but through official channels and non-official channels or better known as the Black Market.

iPhone iBox, Inter, and Distributor Difference

The difference in the Phone label itself refers to the entry point and maintenance of the Phone warranty. Without further ado, take a good look at the explanation of the differences between the three terms in the Phone product below.

iPhone iBox / TAM

According to Wikipedia, both iBox and TAM are subsidiaries of Erajaya Swasembada.

Here are some descriptions of the advantages and disadvantages of the Phone brought by the official line of this one.

Advantages of Phone iBox:

  1. Products that are sold are to be original and 100 percent genuine.
  2. There is a guarantee and it is easy to claim it in all iBox in Indonesia.
  3. Can use various SIM cards freely as desired.
  4. Will receive services directly from the iBox.
  5. The quality of this Phone product is certainly and can work well.

Disadvantages of Phone iBox:

  • Identical to the price that is quite high.

IPhone iBox Features

  • On the outside of the Phone box there is a green mark known as Green Peel.
  • Get a 1 year warranty card from TAM, SES, SCM and others.
  • Using the Indonesian region code (PA/A, ID/A, FE/A).
  • Accessories that are obtained can be used immediately without having to use other tools. For example, the charger head already uses Indonesian 2 foot plugs.

Phone sold by iBox or TAM companies need not be doubted in terms of quality. This Phone iBox or TAM product is suitable for those of you who want to get original Phone quality, get direct service, and an easy-to-process warranty.

iPhone Inter / International

Inter’s iPhone product means the international iPhone. Unlike The iPhone iBox or TAM, this international iPhone through non-official channels, namely through individual or can also be imported without any after-sales service.

So the difference between Phone iBox and Inter is different in terms of sales. Phone iBox entered and sold officially by Indonesian companies, while Phone inter entered Indonesia through non-official channels.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of international iPhones that you need to know.

Pros of Phone Inter:

  • International official warranty.
  • Accessories provided are original.
  • The Rate is more affordable than the Phone TAM.
  • The latest iPhone that have been released more quickly.

Disadvantages of The Phone Inter:

  • Warranty claims can only be from the country of origin, assisted by the seller himself.
  • If you enter Indonesia, you can have problems with the IMEI.
  • There is no support service at any time if there is a problem with the product.

Inter / International Phone Features

  • There is no production code sticker on the Phone box.
  • There is no sticker on the iPhone box.
  • The charger head is still three feet.
  • The manual is not in Indonesian.
  • Phone Distributor
  • Finally, Phone distributor means that it is brought into Indonesia by an authorized importer. The applicable warranty is usually referred to as a distributor warranty.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Phone distributors are as follows.

Advantages of Phone Distributors:

  • Value are more affordable than phone from other lines.
  • The latest Phone products appear faster in Indonesia.

Disadvantages of iPhone Distributors:

  • Apple’s warranty has expired, replaced using a warranty from the distributor for 1 year.
  • Difficult to claim warranty, many are not responsible if there is a problem.
  • Warranty is generally not official and is adjusted only with the warranty card provided.
  • Many Refurbished and Replacement products.

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iPhone Distributor Features

  • The warranty from Apple has expired.
  • Defects are found on the Phone.
  • Using KW or OEM accessories.

The Final Word

That’s a brief overview of the differences between Phone iBox, international Phone, and distributor Phone. After reading the differences in the Phone warranty above, surely you already know what the difference between the Inter and iBox guarantees is.

So now that you know the difference, now you have decided which way to buy an Phone, right?

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