iPhone WiFi Only Meaning Disadvantages and How to Fix It

iPhone WiFi Only Meaning, Disadvantages and How to Fix It 2022

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Discussing the meaning of iPhone WiFi Only, the lack of iPhone WiFi Only and the solution or how to fix it. Check out the full explanation below.

For those of you who often use products from Apple, especially the Phone, maybe you also often get information in buying and selling groups that offer Phone Wifi Only cellphones.

Most people don’t really understand the meaning or purpose of the wifi only. In order not to be confused, you must understand the notion of wifi only itself on the Phone.

Mean iPhone WiFi Only

WiFi Only is a term used to describe devices where you can only access them using an internet connection via WIFI only.

This term also often appears in other Apple products, namely the iPhone and iPad. iPhone wifi only means that iPhone devices can only connect to the internet using only WiFi.

Why iPhone and iPad? Indeed, the term wifi only is more often found in iPad products. Because as we know that the iPad in terms of connectivity only provides two options. The two options are of course a SIM card or use cellular data and also use a Wifi network only.

You can choose to use an iPad that has connectivity features only through the cellular data network from the SIM card. Or use only internet network access because you don’t have access to the network via a SIM card.

iPhone WiFi Only Description

Not only on the iPad, wifi only is also available on the very famous Apple product, namely the iPhone. If you come to a certain store, you may see iPhone products labeled with the word “WiFi Only”.

While we know that iPhone products have been specifically designed to run features like smartphones in general.

Take it easy, because we will answer these questions by describing the meaning of the term or a review of why there are iPhones that use the wifi only system.

Cause iPhone WiFi Only

iPhone wifi only doesn’t just happen, there are causes from outside Apple that make the iPhone wifi only. Here are some reasons why Phone wifi only:

1. IMEI Blocking

For those of you who like to travel abroad and happen to buy an iPhone product, before using it, you have to pay the applicable taxes first. If you don’t pay taxes, the IMEI of the iPhone will automatically be forfeited or blocked.

Thus, you cannot use a SIM card from any provider. Therefore, the iPhone can only search the internet via wifi only.

2. iPhone Lock Carrier

There are several types of iPhones that have cooperation contracts with certain providers so that not just any type of iPhone can use a SIM card. As a result, some iPhone products are imported into the country and have previously been bound by cooperation contracts with certain providers.

This is of course one of the reasons why the Phone only applies a wifi only system.

iPhone Bypass

iPhone Bypass is one of the methods of solving mobile phone lock problems with the risk of not being able to run the network on the SIM card anymore. If your Phone has been bypassed, the possible result is that the Phone can only be wifi only.

Well, if you find an Phone seller who bypasses wifi only, it means that the Phone can’t use a SIM card from any provider or can only use a wifi network.

Damage occurs

The last reason is that there has been damage to the Phone which causes the internet network to only be accessed via the Wifi network.

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Weaknesses and Weaknesses of iPhone Wifi Only

Because the price is cheap, of course this iPhone has some minuses or shortcomings that are very difficult to use. Here are some of the disadvantages of iPhone wifi only:

  1. iPhone cannot upgrade to iOS.
  2. iPhone cannot be reset.
  3. Security is easy to break into.
  4. Phone wifi only has been jailbroken (not all).
  5. Internet connection can only use wifi.
  6. From time to time the iPhone can be locked again, aka can not be used.
iPhone WiFi Only Meaning Disadvantages and How to Fix It

How to Fix iPhone WiFi Only

You must be wondering if Phone wifi only can be fixed?

Actually, how to fix an Phone that is wifi only is quite easy. The most important thing is that you have recognized what causes the iPhone to become wifi only. If one of the factors is damage, you can try to fix it at the nearest counter.

Meanwhile, if the damage to the iPhone cannot be repaired, the only way is to be forced to use a Wifi network only.

iPhones that can only use wifi networks are usually used by gamers because they don’t need other features, what’s important for them is to be able to install games and have a connection to open them.

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The Final Word

That’s a brief brief information about the meaning of iPhone wifi only complete with shortcomings and how to fix it. Hopefully the above information can help those of you who are confused about experiencing the same problem.

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