iPhone Which Country Made is Good? This is The Answer

iPhone Which Country Made is Good? This is The Answer Best 2022

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Most people who buy iPhones ignore which country’s iPhone gadgets are good. It is possible that the brand used is already equivalent. Even though the brand is the same, the output from the factory is not necessarily the same.

Actually, Phone component assembly factories are spread across several countries. As the owner of the company, Apple has been working with a company based in Taiwan, namely Foxconn.

The company is a multinational manufacturing company whose production plants are spread across several countries. This Apple collaboration intends to provide Phone assembly components.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there is an inscription ” Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China “. What this means is that this gadget has its components assembled in China, even though the design is from a mobile phone company headquartered in America.

iPhone Factory Where

The country that makes the iPhon cellphone that helps Apple in assembling these components has spread in several countries. Here are some of the countries of origin of the iPhon maker Foxconn:

Shenzhen China, where the iPhon component assembly plant company has mostly produced gadgets that have been marketed in the world.

  • Thailand.
  • Singapore.
  • South Korea.
  • Malaysia.
  • Thailand.
  • India.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Brazil.

The reason some of the origin countries of iPhon component assembly factories are mostly located in Asia is Apple’s strategy to cut production costs so that they are not too large. This partnership with Apple shows that Apple does not manufacture its own component assembly

Which Country -Made iPhone is Good

Actually there are standards that make the iPhon have the same quality. It’s just that the difference is the tightness of the selection or Quality Control. Although it comes from Foxconn factories, but each country has a different level of strictness and standards.

So far, America is the country that has a good level and standard of iPhon tightness before entering the market. In addition, countries in Europe also have quality that is no less stringent.

However, this does not mean that the output of factories in other countries produced by the Foxconn company is not good, especially with low quality standards. Of course, the company continues to carry out standardized testing and the level of Quality Control before the product will be marketed.

So you don’t have to be confused about a good iPhon made in which country, the important thing is that the device you buy is an official iPhon.

How to Find Out which Country an iPhone is from

Well, to find out which country the iPhon is made in, you can check it first by knowing the IMEI of the iPhon itself.

Here are 3 ways you can do it:

Method 1

Open your iPhone Settings then select the General sub menu. Then you click About which will display information related toiPhone details including its IMEI;

Method 2

You can also check the Phone packaging, which generally has the IMEI number listed on the back. Under the words ” Designed by Apple in California ” is the iPhone’s model number and IMEI.

Method 3

Or you can check via USSD code *#60# from the Phone or Call menu.

Once you know the IMEI of the device, pay attention to the 7th and 8th digits and you can match the two digits below to find out the country of origin:

NO7th and 8th Digit CodeiPhone Origin
180, 81, 00China
430South Korea
619, 40, 41, 44English
710, 70, 91Finland
807, 08, 20German
That’s the digit code where your iPhone was manufactured in its country of origin.

Are iPhones Different from Every Country?

As you already know above that Apple does not produce all Phone components independently, there are factories in other countries that are responsible for producing components as well as assembling iPhones that are ready for sale.

Every Phone factory in every country already has equivalent quality standards, so in terms of appearance or physical there is no difference in Phone from any country. Maybe it’s just different in terms of features to match your needs and the Phone code for the iPhone ID comes from which country.

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The Final Word

That’s information about which country’s iPhone is good and how to check it, maybe by reading the information above you now know which iPhone is good, right. Okay, that’s all for this article, hopefully it’s useful.

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